Equipos Internacionales

Welcome, Team Rankstar has been around since early 2018. Starting with a heavy focus on Eternal, they have grown into several other digital card games, including The Elder Scrolls: Legends, Hearthstone, Magic: the Gathering Arena, Mythgard and Gwent. With a focus on competitive play and fostering a competitive environment for others to participate in the form of tournaments, Team Rankstar plans on being active in the Gwent community for a long time.

We are currently 21 players:

Founder member:

  • Aphelion


  • SemperEU

Content Creators:

  • Flake

  • LordBushWook

  • Markthius

  • Babyjosus

  • Markthuis

  • Escama

  • Somnas

  • SynergyGod3773

  • gulox2

  • Balrogfrog

  • WholesomeGMNG

Competition Team:

  • Sonneillon

  • Ekami

  • Agwent007

  • Sevenzh

  • Roxy89

  • Owiiiii

  • Kacodo

  • Johaggis

Greetings, from the team Team Rankstar.