Equipos Internacionales

Team Nova was born at the end of 2017 within the community of Gwent Esp and sets a precedent as the first Hispanic team of Gwent at a competitive level and one of the first organizations on the global scene. Since the Open Beta it has established a project that puts them at the head of the Spanish community, as it has several of the best Spanish-speaking content creators and players at the international level.


In addition to the competitive success, having achieved victories and podiums in several major tournaments (Liga Foltest, Claymore Open, Gwent Arena, Gwent Legends, Proyecto Igni, Gwent Wolf Cup, etc) and several top 20, 50, 100 and 200 in Pro Rank, which has placed the Nova brand as a benchmark of quality, Team Nova stands out for its immense work of content creation because, since 2018, it collaborates with Team Aretuza and the best players worldwide in the creation of monthly Meta Snapshots and analytical articles, with the aim of promoting the highest level Gwent.


After Homecoming Launch, in 2019 Team Nova announces its international expansion, with the aim of attracting the talent of international players and continues growing, in order to achieve representation and triumphs in the second edition of the official competitive circuit "Gwent Masters" and continue established as a reference team within Gwent


  • TN_Jamedi (ESP): Founder, principal administrator and competitive player.

  • Miketocome (ESP): Administrator and competitive player.

  • Fewof (ESP): Administrator and competitive player.


  • Acalajucha (ESP)

  • AntonioDomin (ESP)

  • Eduroba (ESP)

  • FrailCoast (ESP)

  • Kara (FRA)

  • Efiren (COL)

  • NingunoSirve (ESP)

  • Poisound (COL)

  • Windave (ARG)

  • ZecaPagodinho (BRA)



  • Ashphilo (ESP)

  • Franka (ESP)

  • Jarroq (ESP)

  • Kurinokisan (ESP)

  • Onlyfishy (COL)

  • Shinlak (ESP)

  • XanderTNPX (ESP)