Equipos Internacionales

The Manticora Team is a new team from the training program initiated by SerchWesker on the Gwent_esp channel and after suffering several adjustments in its lineup, it has finally been made up by


  • Kintorchin as captain.

  • Virlock as subcaptain and CM.

  • Lord Tiber as graphic designer and image and video editor.

Among the founding members you can also find Espesota who has proved to be a very competitive player in tournaments. Despite some team movements, recently several members joined the team: the player Psyjotics, a classic in Discord channel, decided to support the project although being a new team with so little impact, and yet another great player and tireless competitor, Reyal, who is always ready to give his advise either technically or competitively.


Based on two continents and four different countries, the Team Manticoras stands out for the melting pot that makes up the different origins as well as the styles of play and members' levels, giving rise to a synergy that enriches and fosters friendship. In the Manticora Team each member has a prominent place within its scope and nobody is relegated, always faithful as the small family they are.

Greetings, from Team Manticoras.