Equipos Internacionales

TLG, Team Leviathan Gaming, formed by Founding Partners ShadowplayRed & BeardyBog in 2018 and currently ran by them along with Partner wusubi. We strive to lead the Gwent World in all 3 facets of the game:


  1. Competitive.

  2. Streaming .

  3. Content.

Currently boasting 4 team members making Gwent Masters events inside their first year of formation, raduAndrada(first female competitor in Gwent Masters), Alessio1996, Green-Knight and most recently, KingChezz93, we look forward to continuing to elevate our competitive gameplay into Season 2 of Gwent Masters. You can find many on our team streaming live on Twitch like Spyro_ZA, Crozyr, BeeBoBoop and Anxxia along several on YouTube including long time Gwent content creator, DevilDriven


Let's not forget about the Content Team entirely made up of elite content creators and pro ladder regulars, we look to continue to provide top level content for all the Gwent Community from newcomer to veterans alike.

You can find us on our website: www.teamleviathangaming.com.
On our Discord: https://discord.gg/uSUSJZr

Saludos, desde el equipo de Team Leviathan.