Equipos Internacionales

Our team was born on March 30, 2019, created by ZekyMurcia, after having been part as a player and content creator in the pioneer teams of the Gwent as Tiki Sport and Team Nova.


He was encouraged to take the step and form his own club and league. It would not have been possible without the support and advice of Sensual Team, because thanks to them also began the project of Kaer Morhen Academy, dedicated to helping create teams.


The club's values are dominated by respect for their opponents, companionship and, above all, the desire to continue growing and learning in Gwent. Contributing our grain of sand to support and take the game that we like so much where it deserves. We currently participate in the different tournaments that are coming out in GWENT, trying to win, learn and above all have fun with the mission of growing the club and the community of the game.

Currently the team is made up:

  • ZekyMurcia ~ Founding Member and Team Leader.

  • Krezhobiak ~ Team Captain and Competitive Player.

  • Kaymi ~ Competitive Player.

  • Plazasurvivor ~ Competitive Player.

  • Dranchu ~ Player and Community Manager

  • Goos ~ Competitive Player.

  • SanPana ~ Competitive Player.

  • Marcuf ~ Competitive Player.

  • Maurandi ~ Community Manager.

Greetings from the Hormigaz team.