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Aretuza (or better known as Team Aretuza) was founded in 2017 by Damorquis and Hennotje to provide a community for players to grow competitively.


Since then, the team has evolved, bringing some of the best Gwent players on board and building a content team that uses the competitive insight of our players to give the best content possible back to the community.


Aretuza strives to be the most successful Gwent team and utilizes intense training sessions together with the input of our analysts to provide players with the knowledge to compete at the highest level.


On the Aretuza homepage, players and Gwent enthusiasts can find articles, tools, guides (written & audio-visual) and even an e-learning platform to get competitive insight or to just improve as a player.

Website: https://www.teamaretuza.com/

These are the current members of Aretuza:



  • Damorquis - Head of the team & Founder

  • Green Cricket - Head of the team

  • SwanDive - Content Manager

  • Gwent2Town - Competitive Manager

  • Hennotje - Founder



  • Kolemoen

  • Molegion

  • Santtu2x

  • AndyWand

  • Adzikov

  • Shaggy