Kaer Morhen Academy

National Teams

Greetings to everyone, first of all, welcome to this section,we are going to tell you what this initiative is all about. As you have seen, in the previous teams section, you could have made a request to enter some teams that exist at the moment, but, as it is well known, maybe there aren't any gaps at this moment in the teams, so that's why this new teams initiative was created.

What is it about?

People sign up for this initiative, writing out the registration form (which can be found at the end, below), as soon as there are 4-5 people, they will be contacted, helped and provided with all assistance needed (Creation of team Discord, information, advice, etc.) to help them create their own team among the people who have signed up and form a new one in this community.

Teams that have been created with this initiative:

  • Team Hormigaz

  • Team Manticoras

  • Team Aard

For any help or assistance, contact the discord with our members of the Sensual Team that carry this initiative, we leave their discord IDs below:

  • ST_SerchWesker#9949

  • ST_Jordimeleni#3582

  • ST_Maurandi#0931

For any questions or concerns about Kaer Morhen, ask without any problem.

Greetings, the Sensual Team members.