You want to support the WEB

Welcome to the donations section, first of all comment that there is no obligation to donate. It only serves to support both the web, to continue to maintain it, and to offer many rewards in future tournaments and leagues that we plan to take out in the coming months and thus offer competitions with many rewards.

The Social Gwent team had thought of offering all those people who are going to donate, some kind of reward for their great kindness, we are still finalizing the details.

At the moment, at least to those people, we want to give them a secure place in our next tournament, the Sensual Summer Cup.

We are thinking about setting up a Patreon to be able to offer some kind of monthly content to people who donate to us from 1$ and to be able to offer quality content, specialized direct, future meta snapshot and more surprises that we would like to announce soon.

Next we leave the link to donate in Paypal

Greetings from the Social Gwent team.