Sensual Meta Decks


Welcome to the Sensual Team, the competitive team of GWENT.

Our team was born in March 2019, created by a couple of friends who met through Gwent in the Spanish Foltest League. After playing together and facing each other in a duel, they got to know each other and became friends with each other. After a while they decided to set up their own team and take the leap to the competitive level.

As time went by, they looked for ways to encourage people to move a little more and move the Gwent community and for more people to be encouraged to create their own teams, so they decided to form the Kaer Morhen Academy initiative with which they helped more teams to get to know each other and create themselves.

As you have been learning the competitive system both nationally and internationally have been pointing to various high-level tournaments reaching good scores and ranking in good positions, Sensual Team is determined to compete in a lighter way but always giving war to be known.

In this team has always been rewarded first and foremost, friendship, good vibes and always supporting each other, as time has gone by more people have ended up joining this team and we have formed friendships with many more people in this community and also with international team players.

We currently participate in the different tournaments that are coming out in GWENT and we are dedicated to offering content through Youtube and Twitch respectively.

Currently the team is made up:

  • FlowyStein ~ Founding Member and Captain of the Sensual Team.

  • SerchWesker ~ Founding Member, Sub-Captain, Content Creator and Competitive Player of the Sensual Team.

  • Maurandi ~ Founding Member, Community Manager, Content Creator and Competitive Player of the Sensual Team.

  • JordiMeleni ~ Founding Member, Content Creator and Competitive Player of the Sensual Team.

  • ZekyMurcia ~ Assistant and consultant of the team (Captain and Founding Member of Team Hormigaz).

  • KikoTheWitcher ~ Sensual Team Competitive Player.

  • Aperez ~ Sensual Team Competitive Player.

  • Elsa ~ Sensual Team Content Creator.

  • Aforismos ~ Sensual Team Competitive Player.

  • Drakkenthor ~ Sensual Team Competitive Player and God of Thunder.

  • Firing ~ Master of the Chests of the Sensual Team.

Greetings from the Sensual Team.