Equipos Internacionales

Hello, hello hello 3, 2 or 1, the fan phenomenon arrives. We are the team AARD TEAM, team formed thanks to the project of a very sensual team, we will not say that we want to be a reference team in the country, but if we want to be a team recognized in our territory, as the T-Birds Gwent.


Our mission is to fight against the goal, to make original mallets that surprise the rival, trolleadores mallets, which as well as surprise, are fun. We are the current members of the team:


  • ENCIASDURAS: CEO , capitán del equipo, creador de mazos y jugador.

  • ASIER: Creador de mazos y jugador.

  • JUANCHE: creador de mazos y jugador.

  • ANGELINTOTE: Gerente de redes sociales, streamer, creador de mazos y jugador.

  • MOSTACHO: editor de vídeos.

  • METALMADEL: Jugador.

  • HYM-DRAW: Jugador.


We continue recruiting trolls to work in the team, we know that each one has his life and his obligations, we only ask for a minimum of involvement, which we will appreciate. Greetings, greetings.



Greetings from the Aard Team